About Fast Tilt

With Fast Tilt walls, the typical “fight for gravity” is removed because the walls are built horizontally, similar to decorative flat-work. The initial idea came from a desire to create a custom wall that could be decoratively enhanced on both sides and could be used in various applications such as retaining walls and other vertical pieces of art.


Fast Tilt is 30% faster than traditional wall systems

The Fast Tilt system is a tilt-up style retaining wall system that is a unique alliance of “Function and Form”. This innovative retaining wall system (Patent #10,053,833) is not only faster than traditional wall systems, it also allows for boundless design options.

Conventional walls require production activities that are linked to a predictable conservative timeline, where certain production activities can not begin before completion, often causing unnecessary delays.

Time savings diagram

We erected a 2400 square foot retaining wall, 150 linear feet up to 16 feet high in one day. Watch a short time-lapse video of the process above on “Shearwater Creek”.


The Fast Tilt Retaining Wall Solution can cut construction time by almost 40 percent greatly reducing cost

Time and cost savings are created through work efficiencies that allow multiple project components to be completed simultaneously.

The Fast Tilt Solution is a tilt up application. Tilt up is known for its speed. The wall panels can be built before or concurrent with the footings, which saves time and money. Since the wall panels are already poured and cured, they can be erected and installed immediately using Fast Tilt’s proprietary buttress system.

The Fast Tilt Solution makes it easier to build retaining walls for a project while keeping costs affordable. It is the horizontal method for casting and installing tilt-up retaining walls that speeds up construction and can cut construction time by 30–40%. Fast Tilt Walls increasingly become more cost effective as the walls increase in height.


Innovation is the bedrock of our Fast Tilt Wall Solution

Eco Concrete Solution’s horizontal precast method allows for walls to come “to life,” creating one-of-a-kind works of art. Walls can be cast on-site, decorated like concrete flatwork and positioned vertically, which offers unlimited design options.

Fast Tilt wall complete

Fast Tilt Retaining walls can be used to beautify previously impossible spaces and incorporate design creativity where it has never been considered before. With the Fast Tilt Solution, the only limit is your imagination.