Soil Retention Cut Retaining Walls

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Frequently projects are located next to hills with unstable terrain. To reclaim usable land and properly prepare the site for construction of roads, parking, buildings and other facilities, in many cases construction firms must cut into sloped terrain. A retaining wall is needed to prevent erosion, so that debris, rocks and dirt are prevented from going downslope while allowing water to escape naturally so that it doesn’t accumulate behind the wall.

When a slope is cut, it is critical to provide an effective erosion solution quickly to prevent damage while the raw cut is exposed. Fast Tilt Retaining Walls are the perfect solution due to their high performance, durability and fast construction time, which is up to 40% faster than traditional methods. Because the walls can be poured at the same time or even before the footing, one crane can lift hundreds of feet of wall into place in a single day as soon as the footings are cured. Because the wall panels are constructed on a horizontal plane, this feature allows for unlimited design options, such as exposed aggregate, form-liners, polished, scored and stamped surfaces.

  • Walls 2’ - 18’ or higher are possible.
  • Buttress is horizontal and continues.
  • Panels to be integally waterproofed.
  • Concrete to be 2500psi minimum.
  • Level or sloping footings.

Fast Tilt Retaining Wall

  Toe-Justified Wall Fast Tilt Toe-Justified Wall

Fast Tilt Retaining Wall

  Heel-Justified Wall Fast Tilt Heel-Justified Wall