Sea Wall Retaining Walls

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Sea walls protect people and property that are threatened by shore erosion, high tides, rising sea levels, and storm surges. Coastal communities need a stable shoreline to ensure that roads, recreation areas, buildings and property do not get damaged by events that cause a sudden rise in ocean level, such as hurricanes, storm surges and tsunamis. Rising sea levels exacerbate this problem, making each storm event more damaging.

Fast Tilt Retaining Walls are an excellent choice to provide containment of the sea when water levels rise. Fast Tilt’s exceptionally fast construction time – up to 40% faster than standard retaining walls – allows Fast Tilt sea walls to be completed quickly and installed in a very short time frame, making them an excellent solution when storms or rising seas threaten seaside communities.

Because sea walls are very visible in the community, finding the right design to complement the landscape is important. Fast Tilt’s walls are poured horizontally, providing the ultimate in design flexibility. Walls can be finished with exposed aggregate, form-liners, polished, scored, stamped or mosaic surfaces to add beauty to community spaces while preserving lives and property.

  • Walls 2’ - 18’ or higher are possible.
  • Buttress is horizontal and continues.
  • Panels to be integally waterproofed.
  • Concrete to be 2500psi minimum.
  • Level or sloping footings.

Fast Tilt Retaining Wall

  Toe-Justified Wall Fast Tilt Toe-Justified Wall

Fast Tilt Retaining Wall

  Heel-Justified Wall Fast Tilt Heel-Justified Wall