Precast Retaining Walls

Pond and lake retaining wall

Precast Concrete Retaining Walls

Precast concrete is a cost-effective solution to retaining walls that provides strength, aesthetic value and erosion control. These walls can be built taller, longer and in more diverse locations while still delivering cost savings.

Precast retaining walls are horizontally cast onsite and cured while the footings are built. The panels are reinforced with steel bars and, once cured, are tilted into place onto the rebar-and-concrete footings. Precast retaining walls can be customized with various designs and finishes, giving them unlimited design capabilities to match your desired aesthetic.

Traditional wall-construction methods can’t compete with the advantages provided by precast concrete.

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Pond and lake retaining wallPond and lake retaining wall

Retaining Wall Benefits


Precast concrete is uniform and dense in composition, providing for a stronger wall that lasts longer. Though it is lighter than traditional concrete, precast concrete bears heavy loads better using less material, which allows for taller walls and shallower footings, though deeper footings are an option for projects that benefit from them. The composition of precast concrete


One of the biggest advantages of using precast concrete is the amount of time the wall will last. The uniform composition and dense consistency of precast concrete allow our walls to stand strong even when there is regular contact with outside factors - even resisting damage from most minor impacts.

Weather resistance

Precast concrete can withstand wind, flooding, rain and freezing, making it an ideal choice for retaining walls that are expected to protect the land or structures that reside on either side of them. Since precast concrete withstands freeze-thaw cycles so well, it also resists decay and crumbling.

Resistance to fire, chemicals and rust

Precast concrete does not catch fire and will not melt or drip in the presence of extreme heat, so it has the potential to shield properties from moving fires. What’s more is that this concrete, which is typically reinforced with interior rebar, is highly resistant to chemical exposure, so its structural integrity is never compromised. The rebar, since it’s enclosed in super-strong precast concrete, isn’t exposed to the elements, so worry about rust is virtually nil.


Precast concrete is highly versatile in terms of aesthetic customization. Whether you want your wall to match the architectural design of your home or business or you have a unique style you would like to apply to your wall, precast concrete can fulfill your design wishes. It can be molded, stamped, polished, painted, embellished and more.