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Monte Fuego
Rancho Santa Fe, CA

This project was built in the City of Rancho Santa Fe; a high end conclave. The tilt-up concept of building a retaining wall horizontally and erecting it upright, is a fast and proven way to economically build a wall. The tilt-up application infused with decorative elements requires a great degree of craftsmanship.

“I am very pleased with the outcome of this project. When I realized that we needed a retaining wall around our pool area, I was concerned about aesthetics. Fast Tilt was a perfect solution structurally and aesthetically!”

Temecula, CA

This project was very challenging, as it was boxed in by a road and properties on all sides. Speed was a factor as the walls must be installed prior to the construction of this upscale apartment complex. In one day 150 feet of 16 foot Fast Tilt Walls were erected.

“We wanted good looking and innovative walls, and we got that with Fast Tilt Walls. We ended up ahead of schedule which saved us time and money. Fast Tilt nailed it and did a great job!”

Franklin Ridge Road at Civita
San Diego, CA

This project had an existing sloping condition that needed a retaining wall. The conditions allowed for a temporary 12 foot vertical cut, open long enough for Fast Tilt Wall to be erected. The sight had a slope of 10% allowing for the footing to be sloped which eliminated the need for time consuming steps. The bottom of the panels were easily profiled to match the top of the footing. Once the footings were cured 430 feet of wall was erected in 3 days.

“Fast Tilt was the right system to use because of the sight limitations. Not was Fast Tilt only quicker, we saved over 20% which is well over $100,000.They did a great job at a great price. At the end of the day we have a beautiful wall in a beautiful community!”