Levee Retaining Walls

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Levees provide an important protection against flooding due to rains, hurricanes, floods and other seasonal weather events. In constructing a levee, it is critically important to have a robust, durable solution that can stand up to the rigors of moving water and unstable, saturated ground so that people, property and businesses are protected from damage until the high water recedes.

In emergency situations that require fast action to preserve lives and property, Fast Tilt Walls can be quickly poured and installed up to 40% faster than traditional retaining walls, shaving weeks off of the time required to get a levee wall into place. Because the wall panels can be poured before or concurrently with the footing, many linear feet of retaining wall can be installed as soon as the footings are completed. The buttress is then poured last. Fast Tilt’s optional deep foundation further stabilizes the wall in unstable, saturated soils or in areas where conventional footings may be susceptible to scouring.

Levees must be built high enough to prevent over-topping, which happens when flooding waters rise dramatically above the height of the wall and pour over the top of the levee. Although traditionally higher walls are more difficult and costly to produce, Fast Tilt Retaining Walls gain a significant economic advantage for projects that require high walls. Unlike traditional walls, which require workers to assemble formwork and pour the wall in place vertically, Fast Tilt walls are poured horizontally on the ground, similar to a sidewalk. Because the entirety of the wall is easily accessible on the ground, it requires minimal edge-forming, is much faster and easier to pour, allowing the incremental cost of making a wall higher to be minimal. The walls cure quickly and can be poured before or concurrent with the footer, providing an economic, fast solution to prevent flooding in both urban and agricultural areas.

  • Walls 2’ - 18’ or higher are possible.
  • Buttress is horizontal and continues.
  • Panels to be integally waterproofed.
  • Concrete to be 2500psi minimum.
  • Level or sloping footings.

Fast Tilt Retaining Wall

  Toe-Justified Wall Fast Tilt Toe-Justified Wall

Fast Tilt Retaining Wall

  Heel-Justified Wall Fast Tilt Heel-Justified Wall