Deepened Foundation Retaining Walls

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Deepened foundations are used when conventional foundations may not work. They are very beneficial in cases where scouring of a conventional spread footing is a concern. A deep foundation is also a good option where there is limited surface area to accommodate a spread footing. By deepening the bottom of the foundation, the stability of the system is protected.

This strength and durability partners perfectly with the infinite design options made possible by Fast Tilt’s horizontally poured panels. The easy access to walls that are poured and cured horizontally allows communities to enhance the visual appeal of the structure with finish options such as exposed aggregate, form-liners, polished, scored, mosaic or stamped surfaces. Fast Tilt Retaining Walls with deep foundations provide the ultimate in strength, resilience and beauty to enhance and protect the community.

  • Walls 2’ - 18’ or higher are possible.
  • Buttress is horizontal and continues.
  • Panels to be integally waterproofed.
  • Concrete to be 2500psi minimum.
  • Level or sloping footings.

Fast Tilt Retaining Wall

  Toe-Justified Wall Fast Tilt Toe-Justified Wall

Fast Tilt Retaining Wall

  Heel-Justified Wall Fast Tilt Heel-Justified Wall