Unlimited Design Potential

Fast Tilt Retaining Wall’s patented horizontal-cast, tilt-up retaining wall system is the only wall system that can achieve the limitless decorative value that satisfies the client while remaining cost-efficient and high-performing.

Decorative Retaining Wall

Decorative Retaining Wall

Fast Tilt’s horizontal casting method allows for unique artistry, personal flair, and a wide range of finishes possible on both sides of the wall, a feat that is prohibitively expensive or impossible to accomplish with other wall systems. Since the wall panels are poured and cured horizontally, we can perform decorative flatwork such as:

Hand-seeded or exposed aggregates - Stones, pebbles or another desired material is placed onto the concrete during the curing process and typically finished off with a thin coat of cement paste to seal the design.

Stamped - Concrete stamps are comprised of panels with inlaid designs, which are placed on concrete while it is still curing, creating a stamped pattern that mimics the look of other materials, such as wood, flagstone, brick, slate, cobblestone, and more. Stamped concrete can be used with other decorative methods to achieve the desired aesthetic.

Polished - Concrete can be cleaned and diamond-sanded to create a luster that can be as shiny or as muted as you wish. Once the concrete is sufficiently smoothed, it is cleaned to remove dust, then sealed with a clear sealant or stain.

Unique mosaics - Rock minerals, glass, shells and mirror shards can create a one-of-a-kind mosaic that gives your wall an artistic flair.

Rubbed (sponge finish) - This method involves adding a thin layer of slurry to the wall panel and spreading it by gently rubbing a sponge in arcs or circles to create a stucco-like finish.

Trowel finish - Similar to a sponge finish, swirling a trowel in wet concrete surfaces can create unique and eye-catching textures on your walls.

Form liners - Texture is added to the wall panels by lining the form with form liners prior to pouring the concrete. Once the concrete is cured, the form is peeled away to reveal the texture.

Concrete stain - Acid- or water-based stains can be added to the concrete mixture to lend color to the finished wall. Acid-based staining agents are more subtle and neutral, while water-based stains create a more vibrant hue.

Pigments - Similar to concrete stains, pigments are added to the concrete mixture to produce hued walls. It’s important to seal pigmented walls, as water infiltration can cause fading.

Decorative Retaining Wall

Design Freedom

The design possibilities of a Fast Tilt retaining wall are unlimited, and the finished wall is beautiful, unique and gives your property the personality it deserves.

Fast Tilt retaining walls double as artwork created to beautify previously lackluster spaces and incorporate design creativity where it has never been considered before. But it’s not just a decorative wall. Our patented construction method produces a wall that is strong, secure, fast, cost-effective and safer than traditionally-constructed retaining walls.

Custom Engineering

Each wall is engineered to meet the specific needs of the project - whether there are space challenges, design objectives, or an emphasis on speed or budget, Fast Tilt delivers a finished wall that exceeds expectations every time.

System Brochure about the benefits of a Fast Tilt retaining wall system.