Channel Retaining Walls

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Concrete channels are a vital component to overall flood control plans. Urban areas can be quickly inundated with stormwater and a reliable method is required to quickly vacate the excess runoff. Architects often turn to concrete channels for their capacity to move large volumes of water rapidly.

Fast Tilt provides a quick, economical solution for the construction of these channels, providing a reliable solution for controlling and draining water while protecting the environment and the surrounding structures.

  • Walls 2’ - 18’ or higher are possible.
  • Buttress is horizontal and continues.
  • Panels to be integally waterproofed.
  • Concrete to be 2500psi minimum.
  • Level or sloping footings.

Fast Tilt Retaining Wall

  Toe-Justified Wall Fast Tilt Toe-Justified Wall

Fast Tilt Retaining Wall

  Heel-Justified Wall Fast Tilt Heel-Justified Wall