Fast Tilt offers AIA Continuing Education Courses
Throughout Southern California

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As an authorized continuing education provider for the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Fast Tilt is now offering courses for licensed architects to learn about the benefits of Fast Tilt’s retaining wall systems. These courses are approved by the AIA to count towards the fulfillment of required annual learning units (LU), including those pertaining to health, safety and welfare.

Fast Tilt's first continuing education course will cover the Health, Safety and Welfare (HSW) benefits of a new tilt-up retaining wall system. The course will provide 1 HSW credit towards AIA's annual requirement of 12 HSW credits.

Additionally, we’ll be offering an elective course that dives deep into the design, utility and benefits of our tilt-up wall system, which include reduced cost, increased speed and superior aesthetic potential.

There is no charge for having either of these courses presented at your office to your staff. We typically do these during the lunch hour and bring boxed lunches and soft drinks so attendees can eat during the class – but we can also do other times if you like. All we need from you is a conference or meeting room and access to your HDTV or projector to share our visual materials. On the day prior to the event we need to know the updated number of expected attendees so that we can have the right number of lunches available.

Fast Tilt's continuing education courses will be provided with in-person instruction throughout Southern California, including San Diego County, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernadino County and North County.

As the world adjusts with the impacts of COVID-19, Fast Tilt continues to provide in-person education sessions with trainers who are dedicated to following all federal, state and corporate safety guidelines, including wearing face masks, ensuring adequate spacing between attendees for social distancing requirements and cleaning and disinfecting all contact surfaces before and after each session.

Fast Tilt is currently taking registration requests for AIA continuing education courses.

To learn more, contact Fast Tilt by phone at (858) 679-5550 and ask for Jo Baumgartner or email Jo directly at

AIA Continuing education in California